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   Brief introductionof the company 

        The enterprise is a pluralized management entity of  
    integrating industey and trade Which possesses the
    patent technology of metal detector manufacture and
    mainly produces the safty equipment of metal det
    detection & safty inspection door.It engages in sales
    of all kinds of social public securion door .It engages
    in sales of all kionds of social public security products
    & equipments,including antiburglary、fireproof、
    disaster rescue of military 、police、enterprises &
    institutions and private residences and technical design
    & construction of safty protection in industrial safty &
    automatin  etc.
      Our serial products of metal detectors designed and  
    producd ,with high quality sensing element use big power 
    emission and accurate discerning ability .it was widely
    used in airport.harbour、border defence、imort & export
    port、military police、judicature、important government  
    department 、gold ornaments、jewelry、clocks、watches
    and high-grade electronic manufacturer,all kinds of
    precious metal industry .bank.prison.high-grade
    entertainment places.large-scale exhibition and important
    temporary activity arena.It was used to detect the body
    and suitcase etc.of inspected person.Whether there are
    arms ammunition and controlled metal articles.in order to
    stop stealing product of inferior employee and lawless
    persons'secret taking of contraband.
       Some types of metal detector acn also be used for
    safty inspection of nonmetal object of industrial raw
    material. finished product.foodstuff.medicine.
    sewingmaterial. product.fabric.sanitary article .postal
    matter and parcel. chemical and other production
    professions,the dector can generate alarm to the covered
    broken pieces of metal object on inspected target,so that
    to remove it on time ,to ensure the saniattion .safty of
    product and the normal operation of  equipment .
        The enterprise can also separately produce a series
    of  metal detectors according to special application
    request of  specific manufacturers.



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