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    The main business scope
   1.The metal detection door and metal
      detector for various purposes.
   2.Cable/wireless black & white/color close circuit 
      TV monitoring and night vision system.
   3.Video telephone linedesign & manufacture of remote
      control system of close circuit TV and intelligent 
      building automation system of microwave and
      optical fiber transmission.
   4.Various kinds of big & small cable/wireless
      anti-theftalarmvideo and audio safety
      equipment series used by enterpriseresidence and
      business firm.
   5.Blackwhite & color video talking door bell system
     for residence & buildings.
   6.Mine detectorwater surface searching radar system
     and x ray inspection apparatus.
   7.Fire prevention and gas protection self-rescue
      apparatus(automatically supplies oxygen for 160 
   8.Leakage alarming apparatus for gascarbon monoxide
      and poisonous gas.
   9.Bullet proof clothes,bulletproof suitcases &
     bagsanti-theft suitcase with high voltage shock
     various kinds of bulletproof glass and bulletproof
     foil & film.
  10.Anti-odorous apparatus(suitable for all kinds
      of smelly environment)
  11.Safety equipment series for accidental self-rescue and
       fighting back in self-defense.
  12.various kinds of fire control system & equipmentlaser
     temperature gauge and range finder.
  13.Special tools for breaking door & lock used by army and
     policeanti-theft netfence-expanding
     lifesaving appliancewalking & climbing appliances
    on perpendicular wallpneumatic lifting lifesaving
     bedlifesaving bagslow descending apparatus for
     escape from high-rise building(20 - 120m).
  14.Various kinds of lightning arresting system and
     household lightning arresting equipment.
  15.Door lock system with finger printretina and
     secret code .
  16.Various kinds of armypolice & civil wireless
     walkie-talkievehicle-loaded radio stationfrequency
     jumping radio stationmonitoring & anti-monitoring
     and tracking equipment.
  17.Mobile phone wave intensifier for screened areas
     of buildingresidence and cellar.
  18.Various kinds of big and small program-controlled
      telephone exchange and small switchboard.
  19.Lie detectorthreatening telephone recording system
      display of  incoming telephone numbervoice-changing
      apparatus and automatic telephone answer recorder.
  20.Postal parcel bomb detectoranti-explosion device
      of  bombbomb-dismantling robotanti-explosion
     dress of bomb-dismantleranti-explosion carpet and
     anti-explosion pillow.
  21.Video telephone system device ( used in combination
     with residence telephone and TV).
  22.Subminiature remote control reconnaissance and
     vehicle damage prevention deviceinfrared night vision
  23.Various kinds of police punishment & investigation
     equipment and power-driven color-changing glass.
  24.Various kinds of diving suit and diving instrument.
  25.Global positioning trackingmonitoring &
     management system and automatic navigation system for
     personvehicleship and residence.
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